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Body treatments

Cellulite treatment


One of the most effective methods is mesotherapy cellulite elimination. As a result of the treatment, increased blood and lymph flow, decreases in the process of fibrosis in tissue and there is a slight reduction of body fat deposits. The result is a smoothing and firming the skin. Injections contain caffeine, which stimulates the skin microcirculation and on the release of fat from the cells. It can help the artichoke extract, yellow sweet clover and routines that stimulate fat metabolism. To compound is added to the organic silica, which regenerates the tissue and collagen fibers.


  • sagging skin
  • cellulite (thighs, abdomen, buttocks)


  • pregnancy

The course of treatment

Injections are made of a very thin syringe needle punctures are not very painful. If you have a low threshold of pain sensitivity, can be used anesthetic cream. After treatment, massage is used, so that injected into the skin the ingredients are evenly distributed.


The effects are immediate, increases elasticity and firmness of the skin, the treatment restores smoothness and density of the skin. In phase 1 we intensive treatment every 10-14 days a month, the nursing stage 1 time per month for 3 months, it is advisable o perform the surgery-like once every six months.


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