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Aesthetic Medicine

Correction of the nose

Correction of the nose

Correction of the nose without a scalpel, a method involving the use of modeling-based fillers based on stabilized hyaluronic acid. This is the ideal treatment for people who have a problem with the shape of the nose, however, for various reasons want to avoid surgical correction.


  • hump on the nose
  • curvature of the nose after the break
  • for a small nose
  • not proportionately large tip of the nose
  • lack of trained “bridge” between the shank and the tip of the nose
  • too raised nose
  • this procedure is carried out also in the case of incomplete satisfaction with the results of surgical procedures undertaken in the past


  • pregnancy

The course of treatment

The procedure we cover the lot with nasal anesthetic cream. It is given a very thin needles that do not leave marks at the injection site and reduce the pain to a minimum. Flexibility and the ability to bind water causes after injection under the skin it fills and smoothes uneven skin naturally. After a 10-20 minute treatment, the patient can see the direct


Alignment imperfections within the surgical site. Cosmetic effects after treatment is almost immediate, and above all look natural. Filling small defects nose enough even to 16 months, depending on the hyaluronic acid used. The effect of initial treatment can be prolonged injections. Most patients opting for surgery after 6-12 months after the first treatment.


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