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Treatments for eyes area

Filling the tear trough

The tear trough is a loss of fatty tissue around the eye socket and in the medial part of the cheeks.
Filling the places where cavities are formed with hyaluronic acid helps to get a younger look, moisturize and regenerate the skin.


  • pregnancy
  • herpes
  •  breast-feeding
  • active autoimmune diseases

The course of the procedure
The preparation is administered with a needle that does not leave any traces in the injection sites and reduces any painfulness to a minimum.
After the treatment is completed, the doctor arranges and massages the preparation in an appropriate manner.
Due to its flexibility and the ability to bind water, it fills and smoothes wrinkles when administered under the skin.

Immediately after the treatment, a significant improvement in the appearance of the skin is visible, it is rejuvenated and refreshed.
The end result is the smoothing of the hollows under the eyes, reduction of bruising, as well as the thickening and firming of the skin in the treated area.

The effect after the treatment usually lasts up to 18 months and then the preparation is naturally absorbed.
Depending on the type (density, concentration, amount) of HA used, the treatment should be repeated after 6-20 months.
The preparation leaves no permanent changes in the skin when the effect wears off.

It should be remembered that the durability of the preparation depends on the age, skin type, diet, lifestyle as well as excessive use of sunbathing, saunas and solariums.


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