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Body treatments

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal used to work superficially, does not affect the functions of the body. The beam penetrates the skin facing only up to 2 mm in depth, which results in damage to the flat first and then the gradual loss, which in turn leads to the loss of hair. The radiation emitted by the laser is absorbed by the melanin of the hair follicles and skin. The suitable length of the light beam destroys the dye, thereby resulting in loss of the hair follicles and the hair is left even trace. Therefore, the greater the contrast between the color of the hair follicle and the skin of the treatment is more effective – more of the hair follicle is destroyed.


  • to remove hair appearing on the skin in the course of endocrine – hirsutism, hipertrychoza
  • cosmetic purposes all parts of the body
  • in patients who present with symptoms of ingrown hairs after other methods of hair removal
  • in patients with vascular changes in the legs
  • for patients with sensitive skin, in which there is inflammation of the skin (erythema) after waxing, shaving or chemical depilations
  • treatments can be performed in men in the case of hypersensitivity of the skin after shaving ( thinning )


  • pregnancy,
  • epilepsy
  • pacemaker

The course of treatment

Skin cold gel is applied . By means of the head provided with a cut filter harmful ultra-short waves is applied to the skin of a series of illuminating shots. One shot beam eliminates a few more hair and that are located on the skin surface forming a spot having a diameter of 9 × 9 mm . Hair destroyed batches spot on the macula .





Not all hair grows at the same time. Some of them are in the growth phase (anagen ) – hair is visible on the skin. Only hairs in the growth phase are destroyed under the influence of laser light. The remaining hair is in the sleep phase (telogen), which has a different duration (3-8 weeks). After this period, a phase of growth (anagen), which can again be actively destroy the hair using a laser. That is why laser hair removal treatments must be repeated (about 4-6 times) to remove all the hair. At first laser treatment is removed about 20 % -30 % of the hair and, after a series of operations to 80 % – 90 %. The remaining hair is definitely lighter, more delicate and almost invisible and usually do not interfere with patients. Due to the previously made ​​waxing treatments, depilatory mechanical tweezers, etc., or in the case of hormonal causes hirsutism may need to carry out more hair removal for even better results, and then repeat them once a year. 3 weeks prior to surgery is not a mechanical epilator hair shave or use depilatory wax to remove hair roots there. The day before surgery, you should shave the hair disposable razor.



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