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Aesthetic Medicine


PROFHILO® is an absolute novelty in the world of aesthetic medicine. The preparation used for it is a patented, slowly and long-lasting youth molecule that releases from the injection site, acting like millions of springs that restore the skin parameters lost over the years. Contrary to classic fillers, the PROFHILO® treatment does not change the features and does not increase the volume of facial tissues, and most importantly, it immediately gives the skin elasticity, lifts it, smoothes wrinkles, slims the features, restores the lost contour of the face.

PROFHILO® is hyaluronic acid with a concentration of as much as 64 mg in one dose, and thanks to the new generation of cross-linking - thermal stabilization, there are no disadvantages of chemically cross-linked hyaluronic acid. PROFHILO ® starts the production of elastin and collagen types I, II, IV, VII. Slowly and long-lastingly released from the injection site, it acts like millions of springs.



  • lack of skin tension and elasticity
  • horizontal and vertical skin wrinkles
  • fallen oval of the skin, the so-called hamsters
  • lost volume and sagging skin
  • improvement of the appearance of facial skin
  • flaccid skin, thin, not very elastic and dry
  • firming the neck


  • pregnancy
  • herpes
  • breast-feeding
  • active autoimmune diseases

The course of the procedure
The special technique of the Profhilo® treatment requires the injection of small amounts of the preparation only in five specially selected anatomical points on both sides of the face. This technique is based on two criteria: minimizing the risk of administering the material to large vessels, or damaging nerves, and maximizing the diffusion processes in the tissues of the zygomatic area and cheeks as well as along the line of the mandible, pre-ear area and chin.

The procedure does not require anesthesia. The doctor precisely marks the points on the patient's face and slowly injects the preparation, which makes the injections almost painless. The likelihood of bruising and swelling at the needle puncture sites is also reduced

The effects are visible after the first treatment. The youth molecule slowly releasing from the preparation acts like a million springs, restoring the lost contour and improving facial features. The preparation minimizes "hamsters", restores skin elasticity and tension.

The effect of the treatment is long-lasting and visible on the entire face.
The skin is taut and visibly refreshed and revitalized. The effect is very natural.

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