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Removing fibromas

Fibroma appears as a single, pedunculated, flesh-colored nodule on the abdominal wall or in large folds (groin, armpits), or in large numbers as nodules or tumors in von Recklinghausen’s disease with neurofibroma and neuromas. It is often fibromas age, filamentous, occurring in middle and old age, in women on the neck, neck and armpits. Their size ranges from 2 mm to 1 cm. Most are flesh-colored or brown and not accompanied by any symptoms. Usually arises as a result of minor injuries, insect stings skin and scratches. This occurs mainly on the skin of the extremities, in their erect surface, typically one in the form of a small nodule of a diameter of 2 mm to 1 cm with different color from red to dark brown, smooth or rough surface.


  • single fibromas
  • multiple fibromas
  • fibroma-like changes


  • pregnancy
  • pacemaker

The course of treatment

Fibromas usually do not require treatment. If you are a patient or cause discomfort when they join the irritation, erosion or other unusual changes then it can be removed surgically under local anesthesia or CO2 laser. This procedure is simple, quick, painless, usually disposable.


After healing of small wounds not a trace remains after the removal of the change.


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