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Aesthetic Medicine

Removing skin discoloration


The discoloration is visible to the naked eye, spots or stains darker than the surrounding healthy skin. Discoloration often arise in the presence of sunlight and often are simply the accumulation of melanin – the skin pigment produced in response to ultraviolet rays . Sometimes, however, a small spot on the skin may be due not only to increase the amount of the dye , but it also producing cells – melanocytes . They can appear on the forehead , cheeks, nose , hands and neck , rarely on the mandible . In extreme form , discoloration may occur in the form of a seat belt in the middle of the face. On 30 % of women over thirty years of age , and 90 % after fifty .


It is a modern therapy allows to remove discoloration and rejuvenate the skin , tailored to the individual needs of each patient. DERMAMELAN therapy is suitable for all skin phototype and kind and always individually tailored to the needs of the patient . It can be done at any time of year , because it does not contain common factors exfoliating , keeping still the epidermal barrier and does not sensitize the skin to light . This product contains antioxidants and titanium dioxide to protect the skin from free radicals. Due to the presence of retinol , vitamin E and vitamin C treatment DERMAMELAN clearly rejuvenates the skin, which becomes tense and regains radiance and healthy appearance .


Cosmelan whitening is the most effective cure compared with depigmenting treatment on the market today . Contains brightening agents for immediate action. It has no substances with a keratolytic , or peeling . It is a safe procedure . It can be performed at any time of the year , and is suitable for all skin phototype . Very effective in the treatment of melasma spots ( tj.ostuda ) for hyperpigmentation after use of hormonal and pregnant women for the treatment of melasma .


  • color change : freckles , chloasma , hyperpigmentation , lentigines
  • sun damage : – actinic keratosis
  • damage associated with aging : wrinkles, loss of firmness
  • scars
  • keratinization disorders : dry skin, actinic przymieszkowe


  • active herpes
  • pregnancy

The course of treatment

It is made of the exact make-up removal , skin is degreased using pre- peel preparation , the active substance is applied after the expiry of an appropriate amount of time followed by washing or neutralization of the preparation and the imposition of regeneration . The doctor recommends adequate preparation for further care home . The treatment is not painful and does not require anesthesia.


Gaining a younger looking face – skin is supple and moisturized. Followed by shortness of pores , elimination of discoloration and faster healing of acne lesions.







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