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Aesthetic Medicine

Rich platelet plasma - arthrex acp

Arthrex ACP
Personalized Cell Therapy a treatment with the use of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) using the natural healing and regeneration processes of the body's tissues.


  • Regeneration and reconstruction of the skin - anti-aging prophylaxis
  • Improving its elasticity, volume and tension, stimulation of collagen production and the synthesis of hyaluronic acid.
  • Accelerating the process of cell replacement.
  • Supportive treatment after fractional laser treatment
  • Acceleration of the skin reconstruction process by stimulating the work of cells and their replacement


  • pregnancy
  • breast-feeding
  • blood diseases
  • tumors
  • taking certain medications that cause a long bleeding time

The course of the procedure

The procedure begins by taking blood from the patient directly into the ARTHREX double syringe and transferring it
ACP to the internal syringe. The material prepared in this way is placed in a centrifuge and centrifuged for 5 minutes.
The resulting ACP concentrate is ready to be administered directly from the syringe.

 Recommendation before surgery

 A few days before the procedure, you should not take aspirin and other anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant drugs.

 Recommendations after surgery

It is not recommended to use the sauna or swimming pool within 2-3 days.
We recommend that you avoid exercising in the gym within 7 days after the treatment. Treatment areas should not be massaged either.


The skin regains its firmness and illumination.
Wrinkles are reduced, skin elasticity and tension increase.

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