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Treatment for mature skin

Firming treatment is designed especially for people with low firmness of the skin, signs of cellulite and with stretch marks. Loss of firmness and sagging skin is often a side effect of rapid weight loss, especially if not accompanied by appropriate treatment and supportive care products.


  • dry skin and flabby
  • elimination of cellulite
  • shaping
  • stimulate circulation
  • anti-aging therapy
  • reduction circuit
  • firming the skin (increasing the production of collagen and elastin)
  • shaping
  • liquidation feeling of “heavy legs”
  • cleansing the body of toxins – to stimulate cellular exchange
  • relaxation and stress reduction
  • increasing the absorption of cosmetics
  • smoothing out stretch marks and scars,


  • pregnancy
  • vascular congestion

Course of the treatment:

The treatment begins with a deep and thorough exfoliation using scrub. Then the body is applied to specialized mask or gel suited to your skin type. The whole body is wrapped in foil to generate heat. While the patient lies with the mask should drink more fluids to help the process of sweating of the skin.


With treatment breaks down fat deposits in the cells, micro-circulation is improved and accelerated is burning excess body fat. The procedure is performed regularly gives excellent results. It is clear signs of slimming, improves skin firmness and elasticity, shallow and lighten stretch marks when they become urban visible. After a few treatments the skin with signs of cellulite visibly smoothed. Are also removed from the skin cells waste products called toxins.





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