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Aesthetic Medicine

Treatment of erythema with IPL

The treatment consists of exposing the facial skin incoherent light source. The light energy emitted from the device is absorbed by the red blood pigment, i.e. hemoglobin, a blood “cut down” and destroyed by the inside wall of a blood vessel. After some time, the vessel is automatically removed from the body.


  • removing the effects of photoaging – expanded blood vessels, discoloration, slack skin (face, neck, décolleté and hands)
  • prophylaxis for shallow vascularized skin, sensitive and prone to the formation of erythema
  • prevention of rosacea


  • pregnancy
  • epilepsy
  • pacemaker

The course of treatment

Skin cold gel is applied. By means of the head provided with a cut filter harmful ultra-short waves is applied to the skin of a series of illuminating shots. IPL laser light reaches deep into the blood, where it is absorbed by the pigment contained in red blood cells and is converted to heat energy. The laser beam rapidly heats the blood in the pan causing shrinkage and permanent closure. After some time, the collapse of the vessel wall and are absorbed, thereby disappearing. The treatment does not involve a risk of complications and infection.




Tension and improves skin tone, a reduction of vascular lesions and erythema mute. Effects of each treatment appear gradually, sometimes the process of decay can be up to several weeks. To close all the broken blood vessels usually takes about 5 – 6-five treatments. It depends on the quantity, diameter and color of blood, and the depth of their location.


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