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Trichoscopy - examination of scalp and hair

TRICHOSCOPY is a non-invasive examination of the scalp and hair. The examination is carried out using a video dermatoscope.
The doctor puts a head equipped with a camera on the patient's skin, thanks to which he sees the image enlarged 70 times.
During the examination, the scalp in individual areas (primarily the number and condition of hair follicles, outbreaks) and hair stems are assessed.
Additional software allows you to estimate the amount of hair in individual phases (growth, rest, dying). The test often avoids invasive diagnostics.
The method makes it possible to evaluate these without having to take hair (non-invasively).


  • hair loss
  • hair thinning
  • brittle hair
  • alopecia areata
  • scalp lesions (erythema, scales, nodules, spots)

The course of the procedure
When examined with a camera, an image of hair and scalp is obtained in three areas: frontal, temporal and occipital.
The doctor takes 4 photos in each location. Depending on the conditions and clinical suspicion, the test is performed with or without fluid ("dry").

Trichoscopy allows differentiation of different types of alopecia, especially androgenic alopecia with chronic telogen alopecia, and also allows the diagnosis of dystrophic, residual and broken hair, as well as assessing the activity of inflammatory diseases such as flat-bellied lichen (LPP) and discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE)

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